The American State Assembly Coordinators

List By State

Regional Coordinator

Susan Email: 

If your state currently does not have a coordinator, contact Susan for assistance.

Alabama State Coordinator

David Email:

Alaska State Coordinator

Donna Email: 

Arizona State Coordinator

Dennis Email: 

Arkansas State Coordinator

Leo Email:

California State Coordinator

Wayne Email:

Colorado State Coordinator

Russell Email:

Connecticut State Coordinator

Gary Email:

Delaware State Coordinator

Anne Email: 

Florida State Coordinator

Ralph Email:

Georgia State Coordinator

Thomas Email:

Hawaii State Coordinator

Tracy Email:

Idaho State Coordinator

David Email:

Illinois State Coordinator

Bill Email: 

Maine State Coordinator

Bill Email:

Massachusetts State Coordinator

Carla Email:

Michigan State Coordinator

Steve Email:

Minnesota State Coordinator

Chester Email:

Mississippi State Coordinator

Steve Email: 

Missouri State Coordinator

Mark Email:

Nebraska State Coordinator

Debra Email:

Nevada State Coordinator

Robert Email:

New Hampshire State Coordinator

John Email:

New Mexico State Coordinator

Victor Email:

New York State Coordinator

Todd Email:

North Carolina State Coordinator

Jaison Email:

Oregon State Coordinator

Bob Email:

Pennsylvania State Coordinator

Glenn Email:

Tennessee State Coordinator

Maureen Email:

Texas State Coordinator 

Le Email:

Utah State Coordinator 

Jacquline Email:

Virginia State Coordinator

Allen Email:

Wisconsin State Coordinator 

Paul Email:

Washington State Coordinator 

Teri Email:

Wyoming State Coordinator 

Steve Email:

Why don’t I see a Coordinator for my State?

If you don’t see Coordinator listed, it is because we haven’t had

a volunteer step up.  If you have completed your paperwork and

feel called to serve as a volunteer, please send email to 

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New Jersey

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Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota


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