You are Eligible for Credit Owed to You

Born in America

 Were you born in America, in one of the States of the Union, on the land and soil of a State?

If so, you are eligible to receive back credit that has been owed to you, your parents, and your grandparents for the better part of a century.

This credit can be applied to erase debts like home mortgages, college loans, car loans, medical bills and more.



Your Identity was Stolen

You need to know that your identity as an American has been stolen.

You have been misidentified as a “United States Citizen” (Territorial Citizen) and then redefined as a “Citizen of the United States” (Municipal CITIZEN).

And neither one of those ‘PERSONS” are eligible to receive back credit which is owed to you as an American State National or American State Citizen.

Obviously, you need to come home to the land and soil of your country and declare your true status.

For the past several years, members of The Living Law Firm have been hard at work trying to simplify and streamline a way for you to do exactly that.


Correct Your Citizenship Status

You need to establish for the Public Record: (1) the return your Good Name to the land and soil of your birth State; (2) the expatriation of your Good Name from any foreign Territorial or Municipal status; (3) the cancellation of all previous Powers of Attorney that have left you vulnerable to attacks; (4) and the seizure of control of your ESTATE and other assets by claiming and relocating your Assumed Names back to the land and soil you are heir to.   

 For Do-It-Yourself help for examples and information about how to fill out the forms go to The American States Assembly.   For those who are computer challenged or need help recording, there is also a new Help Service, with a portal listed on the front page of my website: 

 These wonderful volunteers can answer questions, hold hands, and get your paperwork recorded. 

See the Document Templates


Restore our Lawful Government

Once you have done that, you have another choice.  Do you want to live as a State National, and have no obligation to serve the government?  Or do you wish to join the greater effort and accept a duty or two to restore and operate the actual State Government as a State Citizen?

Each State of the Union is being assembled for the first time in 150 years. Only those Americans who have chosen to return home to the land and soil jurisdiction of their country are eligible to operate and conduct business for their State, so please consider joining your State Assembly.


Claim Your Credit

Finally, having re-established who you are, you are in position to claim the credit you are owed.  This is a tallying website for those who have made the decision and filed the paperwork to come home and reclaim their birthright standing as Americans.

We need approximately 120,000 Americans who are Americans by birthright standing up and declaring their capacity as Lawful Persons (either State Nationals or State Citizens qualify) and Inheritors of the land and soil of this country.  We need to fill our State Assemblies as soon as possible.


International Trade Bank

Our intention is to set up an International Trade Bank, with a private commercial bank to expedite credit transfers and vouchers to expunge debts and an asset-backed bank partner to lawfully convert credit to cash deposits, all under one roof.

This seamless service will help you and your families to:

1. Get national debt relief including mortgages, college loans, and tax burdens;

2. Pay ongoing expenses such as utility bills and medical care costs;

3. Recoup your Birth Certificate bonds;

4. Recoup payments made in error to the Internal Revenue Service;

5. Recoup losses already suffered.


Join Your Jural Assembly

Please deeply consider the need of your country for your service in return, and if you are healthy enough to serve in some capacity in your State Assembly, please join it.  







Standing Firmly on the Land

 We are not involved in nor are we interested in forming any incorporated “State of State” franchises or incorporated entities merely calling themselves STATES, though we will in the not-so-distant future take action to reconstruct the original Federal States of States that each State is owed.

Unlike many “patriot groups” that have formed in the past and many which continue to form now, we know who we are, we know the capacity in which we operate, we have a firm grasp on the history and the law, and we know the jurisdictional issues involved in what we are doing.


Come Home

Our Assembly Members need have no fear whatsoever from the Federal or State of State Government or any agency authorities.  These organizations are under contract to serve us and they are in fact our employees.  Including the U.S. Military.

So come on home, to the land and soil of your birth, a place where you are truly free and safe and in possession of your birthrights.

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